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table manners

Dining is a time we enjoy fellowship of friends & family. It is an experience that we look forward to: a reunion, a wedding, a birthday or just a nice meal at a restaurant. 

Good dining habits exude confidence and elegance. 
However, most of the time, we consider proper dining necessary only during special events. 
With the lack of practice, there comes a fear of your steak ending up on someone else's plate, or worse the aftermath of embarrassment. 

We are clear that muscle memory takes repetition. 
So, we set food on the table and prepare you for occasions like these. 

Girls, get ready for some food & shiny silverware to match! 

Topics covered:
  • Continental Style of Dining
  • American Style of Dining
  • Table Rules
  • Table Settings- Formal & Informal
  • Eating Difficult Foods
  • Accidents
  • and more...