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Proper behaviour is sometimes assumed rather than discussed. When a large concoction of introverts and extroverts combine, some may feel awkward, shy, or resort to skipping the event entirely. 

 Having good socializing skills gives a boost of confidence and helps in networking of friends. 
Our formula lies is doing our homework! Homework consists of understanding the nature of the event, the theme, the venue, the formality and even the food. Having a good mental preparation of expectations (at events) helps to avoid surprises and tongue-tied moments. This way, you can sail through the whole event like an elegant social butterfly.

By simulating real life scenarios, the "Hosting" component establishes proper behaviour for the host and the guest.

 Topics covered:
  • Behaviour & Manners
  • Conversations & Delicate Matters
  • Arrival & Departure
  • Appreciation & Gifts
  • What If?
  • and more...