about us

Our Motivation

In our ever-evolving society, we are faced with the overload of social media, trends, 

stereotypes and pop culture. The “ideal girl” is misrepresented by iconic personalities & 

emphasis on fame.

As peer pressure become increasingly influential & dominant, girls start taking on these

social demands at an even younger age. Parents are faced with even more social & 

emotional obstacles as children strive to rise up to these ideal standards.

Miss Teaspoon is responding to the universal need to improve self- esteem among girls

We narrowed our focus to girls 7 years to 17 years old, & identified with their physical,

mental, emotional & social development. 

Rather than increasing restrictions & controls on media gates, let us rewrite the image of 

the “ideal girl” ,  together let's help them discover and explore their identity & true self,

becoming happy & confident girls of today.