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Smize, Smiles & Science

posted 12 Nov 2013, 23:41 by Hannah Tsp   [ updated 17 Mar 2014, 04:30 ]
The art of a SMIZE - is truly difficult to master.
Oh yes, we tried…

In the hypnosis of Tyra Banks and her smiling eyes, we're still not buying the magic ball's (eyeballs) sincerity.

So why the craze? Is it a trend like The Rocks eyebrows? or just cause tv told you it's HOT!?

We were born to smile with our eyes and MOUTH!! It comes COMPLETE with crow’s feet and creases on our cheeks.

Truth is people don’t actually go around smizing with everyone they meet, just in photo's right? It's just a cool trend that we just hop on to try to be cool too. 

How bout skip all that jazz and just try to be real. Yes, even in photos please.


A smize can get you that many likes on instagram, but a genuine smile my dear, people love even more.


If you’re still wondering whether smizing is worth the practice. Get this.

• A smile can improve quality of life.

• A smile has the same value as a lot of chocolate or $25,000.

• Smile muscles elicit happiness and affects your mood.

• Smiling is our first forms of communication- We couldn't talk as babies, but we could cry and SMILE!


It’s all proven in the sciences, but it’s also a choice.

Smize less, smile more!!


Try to spot the Dechenne smile test: