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Ladies Are Not Born, They Are Made

posted 11 Sep 2015, 04:05 by Hannah Tsp

Being a woman does not automatically make one a lady. 

The quicker we understand this, the less hard we would be on ourselves when we make mistakes or etiquette boo-boos.

They key to understanding and learning to become a lady is this: Learn through reading, understanding, imitation, acting and get over your blunders as soon as possible. 

Many women tell me they often feel fake, unnatural when they try to develop ladylike behaviour. Their friends are also unused to them, commenting that they have become too formal. 

When change happens, you will feel like everything is thrown off balance. You feel uncertain, may feel nervous and wobbly. That is simply the process of finding new balance. Tweak it, adjust and you will find the right balance as you change sooner than you think.