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it’s up to you

posted 11 Mar 2012, 03:19 by Hannah Tsp   [ updated 8 Jan 2014, 01:34 ]

"Where would you like to have lunch?" "Any where will do. Up to you."

"Which dress should I get?" "I don't know. It's up to you."

"Do you think I should join the competition?" "Hmmm... up to you?"

Recently it came to our attention how frequently “up to you” is used on a daily basis.

An “up to you” is comparatively similar to an “I don’t know”. It answers the question, and mostly it is convenient. It almost seems like one of those templates saved in our phones- call you later or I'm in a meeting- that we just press send without much thought. 

On the receiving end, the opinion, suggestion, or encouragement is indeed valuable and helps in putting into perspective things that may have been overlooked. Think of it as bouncing feedback on a forum, but in daily conversations of sorts. 

People do appreciate your thoughts and good advise definitely makes you look good too. 

So, we would like to encourage everyone to make a conscious effort in responding respectfully to every call of an opinion, suggestion or idea.

Think about it. It is really entirely up to you!