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bullies in my head

posted 9 Apr 2012, 03:06 by Hannah Tsp   [ updated 8 Jan 2014, 01:32 ]

Negative thoughts are bullies. It beats people down, makes people give up, flushes self esteem to the rut, and brings out the worst tempers ever!

These bullies never mean well so the best way to handle them is to avoid or bust them out of your system. 

Engage in positive self talk instead. The way we see ourselves affects how we behave; and as a result, it affects how others respond to us too. 


Here's what you can do when a bully comes your way:

  1. Shut it off! Whenever you are thinking a negative thought, push the “off” button by clapping your hands, stamping your feet, or snapping a rubber band on your wrist. You can even say “STOP” out loud! Get distracted with other activities immediately like reading a book, going for a jog or talking to someone.

  2. Replace it! Think of all the possible reasons why your friend or family acted the way they did. Think of what you learned from the experience. There are many reasons for why things happen the way it did, but it is always better to assume the best and that things are going fine.

  3. Check it out! If the negative thought is really bothering you, make an effort to find out how to make things better. Listen and talk to your friend about it and try to make things right. or Grab an ice cream on the way!